Exhibitors are no longer viewing social media as a one-off strategy
surrounding their trade shows. Savvy marketers understand the full
impact of using a multi-tiered program to engage with customers
and prospects before, during and after a show.


Create awareness of your presence at the event and tease people with what you will be exhibiting. Your goal is to get them to include a stop at your booth as part of their plan.

You want to begin by researching what show management has planned for its social media strategy. What are the key messages? Launch timing? Opportunities to leverage exposure? Read more things to consider here:

Create an event page about the show. Share pictures of your prep (e.g. booth construction, packing, giveaways, entertainment, a pile of name tags) to generate excitement.

Create an event hashtag for Twitter (make it short, related, memorable & unique). Develop a promo that encourages people to share your hashtag (e.g. tweet our hashtag and we’ll enter you into a drawing for XYZ).

Write about the upcoming show – giving a behind-the-scenes look at your prep or talk up what you love about this particular show and the people who attend. Share across social platforms.

Dedicate a page of your website to the show – integrate social channels so people can follow you on their preferred platform.

All Platforms:
Ask and answer questions – What are you hoping to see at #tradeshow?

Monitor your clients/prospects social accounts so you can chime in on tradeshow related questions, comments, etc.


Drive conversation and booth traffic during show. Engage with attendees throughout the show.

Overall Engagement:
Through monitoring the tradeshow social platforms and those of customers, uncover the hot topics of interest or biggest concerns in the market. Directly address these in what you share during the show on social media.

Listen! Make sure you are monitoring your social platforms (and the trade show sites) so you can respond quickly to comments and questions.


  • Live stream snippets from the show. Give a “man-on-the-street” perspective.
  • Pictures or videos from your booth.
  • Share notes, quotes and stats from education sessions.
  • Let people see the non-business side – have a little fun; share mishaps or funny moments.
  • Post user-generated content: share pics from booth.


Stay engaged. You’ve connected with attendees – don’t waste it! Continue to build the relationship.

Keep your presence at the show alive by repurposing content on your social channels.

Use pictures, video, comments and testimonials in your post-show posts. Call out your customers and thank them for visiting your booth. Be genuine (e.g. “Had a great conversation with Sally Smith from Company X about the future of XYZ in the tech industry.”)


  • Connect with your leads on social media; thank them for attending.
  • Give shout outs to your vendors, employees, etc.
  • Release a whitepaper related to topics at the event & share on social platforms.

Create a post-show event page to show pictures, give a brief event recap, thank your attendees and allow others to share feedback.

Write up a recap as a blog post & share across your social channels.


and executing a well thought out social media strategy can make the difference between an average show and a great show. Contact us to learn more ways to connect with your customers on and off the trade show floor.