Tips to Increase LinkedIn Followers

Building an engaged audience on LinkedIn can seem like an unsolvable puzzle. When should you post, what should you post, how does LinkedIn decide what posts to prioritize? What role do sponsored posts play? What about LinkedIn ads?? Each of these questions require a deep dive. To kick start your LinkedIn approach, we put together three quick tips for gaining followers so you can rock the LinkedIn platform and increase your company’s presence online.

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#1 – Find Your Buttons

Share on LinkedInMost companies these days have a website or blog that they post to regularly with important updates, professional tips, or other industry news. An easy way to get your LinkedIn page seen is by including a “Follow” or “Share” button directly on your posts. This can be accomplished by installing the JavaScript plugin on your site, or through the LinkedIn website. Installing these buttons allows you to direct traffic back to your page from another source and can aid with increasing your following. The best part is, these are completely free!

#2 – Make a Great First Impression

Eight seconds to make an impressionHave you heard the statistic, “you have eight seconds to make a first impression?” This is as true online as it is in real life. By taking the time to create a page that is complete and represents your company’s personality, values and unique selling proposition, you are maximizing your first opportunity to grab attention and gain followers. It’s been shown that companies with complete LinkedIn pages get 30% more weekly views (click to Tweet), so take the time to update your page and nail that first virtual impression. Include your logo, high-quality photos, and a catchy overview.

#3 – Engage with Your Network (often!)

Engage with your followers

Maintaining a successful page includes posting quality content and doing it frequently to keep your audience continuously engaged with your page.  By posting two or more times a week, companies often see a 2x lift in engagement with their content.

Use the built-in LinkedIn Analytics to identify your top-performing posts, then create content that builds off those successes. Investigate the new Content Suggestion tool LinkedIn rolled out. It show you the types of content your target audience is engaging with at the moment and suggests ways you can get in on that action.

Another great way to engage with your audience is by interacting with posts from your network or industry. Liking, sharing, and commenting on those posts helps get your name out there while keeping you plugged-in to what’s happening in your field so you can contribute content that improves your page.


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