Keeping social media accounts up to date can be a chore, but setting aside a few minutes to refresh your profiles can give you a better first impression online. Here are three quick tips to help improve your accounts in less than thirty minutes!

  • Change Your Profile Image

This is often the first thing others will see on your account, so make sure it represents your current look. A new headshot, the latest high-quality company logo, or other recent photo will give your profile a refresh without much more than a few clicks.

  • Choose a New Introduction Line

Most social profiles now give you the option for a quick description line that appears near the top of your account. Coming up with a couple sentences that accurately describe your personality or job aspirations is a great way to introduce yourself. Keeping this line current with any important life changes is a must!

  • Record Job Positions & Search Settings

Especially on LinkedIn or other job search sites, updating your most recent job position is vital to online success. Make sure to upload examples of your work or link to any publications that you contributed to during this time to demonstrate your accomplishments in that role.
When job searching, remember to turn keep your account search settings up to date. If you find a job, turn your availability off so companies know not to continue reaching out.

And that’s it! Three quick ways to update your social profiles so you can set your best foot forward online.

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