3 Tips for Using Video on Facebook

3 Tips for Using Video on Facebook

Video has quickly become the most effective way to engage people online. Adding video to your social media platforms can give a serious boost to your views, shares, and engagement.

But when it comes to sharing your videos on social media, Facebook is still the heavyweight with an average of 8 billion daily video views, and over 100 million hours of video watched every day.

Here are a few key tips to help increase your video engagement on Facebook.

It’s Hip to be Square

When it comes to formatting videos for Facebook, shape matters. Since most Facebook users view content on their mobile devices, square videos are the way to go. They take up more space on the mobile newsfeed and are easier to view on mobile devices. Square videos consistently receive higher engagement, views, and reach.

Spread Your Message Without Saying a Word

About 85% of Facebook viewers watch video without any sound. For this reason, it’s important to add captions to your videos, so viewers can understand your message even if there’s no audio.

Adding a custom thumbnail image helps grab people’s attention and instantly gives them a clear idea of what your video is about. Remember to include a compelling and descriptive video title in your thumbnail, too.

Post Directly to Facebook 

Instead of posting your video to YouTube, then copying and pasting the link to Facebook, try posting your video directly to Facebook. Videos that are added directly to Facebook receive precedence over those added from YouTube, which helps them rank higher in the News Feed.

That’s a Wrap!

Facebook is one of the most powerful tools out there for showcasing your videos. Take full advantage of this by optimizing your video for the platform as much as possible.

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