Free Marketing Content Calendar for Social Media

Free Marketing Content Calendar for Social Media


If you’re planning your marketing content strategy for the new year, there’s no better tool than a well-organized content calendar. Our free, downloadable marketing and social media content calendar will help you stay organized, plan ahead, and be more productive.


Download Marketing Content Calendar for Social Media Template here:

Free Marketing Social Media Content Calendar Template


Here are some tips on how to use this template:


  • Duplicate the “(Month) Calendar” tab for each month you’re planning. Fill this part in with every blog post, social media post, event, or promotion that needs to go out that day.


  • Duplicate the “(Social Media) Calendar” for each social media platform you post to. Use this section to plan all the content you’ll be posting to each social media platform, along with the format, theme, visuals, and links.


  • Use the Blog Calendar tab to plan your blog content, when it needs to be posted, and what theme it fits into, along with any links and visuals you will need to include.


  • The Content Ideas tab is a repository for any topics or ideas you have for your blog or social media. Organize your content ideas by theme so it’s easy to find ideas that fit with the rest of your plan later.


  • The Events and Promotions tab is where you should keep track of your company’s events and promotions, along with any holidays you want to celebrate with your audience.


Build up your calendars and make it a cornerstone of your strategy – remember, plan your work and work your plan. Good luck!